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Best of Both Worlds

A Combined NDIS Functional Capacity Assessment between a Clinical Psychologist and an Occupational Therapist

Is psychosocial disability a main reason why you, or your participant are accessing the NDIS? Then this article is for you!

A plan review, or change of circumstances is approaching, and you find yourself looking for the best evidence supported reports, to give you the best chance in achieving a good outcome. Sounds familiar? When your diagnosis is psychosocial, you may be looking for a Mental Health OT to help you, or alternatively considering obtaining separate reports from both, a Psychologist, and an OT. Those assessments can be time, energy, and cost consuming.

Flexiwell took time to work with our Clinical Psychologist and one of our experienced Occupational Therapists to create a solution, which minimises both the time and cost involved in obtaining supporting Functional Capacity reports from Psychologists and OT’s.

Imagine if you could have just one report completed by both, a Clinical Psychologist and an Occupational Therapist? Where you marry up a clinical expertise of a specialist in psychological functional capacity and a wholistic expertise from an Occupational Therapist? A report where both specialties consider your history, results of assessment and present cohesive recommendations.

Another piece of good news, is that there is no difference in price, as compared to our standard Comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation and report.

How you benefit:

· You only have to tell your story once and complete one set of validated assessments.

· One practitioner interview, saving you valuable time.

· Two practitioners, one report cost, saving you valuable funds in your plan.

· A report filled with clinical evidence which respects your disability and offers stronger argument supported by both, Clinical Psychologist and Occupational Therapist.

The Combined Functional Capacity Assessment is now available for referrals. We can facilitate the assessment face to face in our clinical locations in Brisbane and North Gold Coast, or anywhere else in Australia via video link or our hybrid assessment approach. Cognitive and diagnostic assessments are also available in addition to the Combined Functional Capacity Assessment. Want to know more? Contact us on (07) 3532 5945, or [email protected] to discuss. Our online referral portal is available 24/7 on our website

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