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About Us

Our People

Close Up Vanessa - JPEG.jpg
Vanessa Herrmann

Founder, Director and  Consultant

Nima Tenzing

Reports Quality Officer

Closeup Dale - JPEG.jpg
Dale Ristovski

Founder, Director and  Consultant

Belinda 1_edited_edited.jpg
Belinda Shaw

Client Support Officer

Mid Shot Maria - JPEG_edited.jpg
Maria Model

General Manager and Leadership Coach

We are driven by our Values:

Collaboration and Connection - We believe that relationships deliver results because we cannot do our best jobs in isolation. We connect with our partners, customers, consumers, and each other to really make a difference by working together.

We are human - We strive to demonstrate empathy and deep respect for human beings inside and outside of our business. We believe in people and their potential.

Holistic - We always think of the big picture. Both in our business and for our client. We understand that what we do and do not do in one area, likely impacts another area. In our design, we consider people as a whole - a combination of body and mind.

Daring to be different - We innovate by design. We are entrepreneurial, we have courage to experiment and go outside of our comfort zone, we are not afraid to take risks.

Making an impact - We are passionate about creating solutions which can improve people's lives. We bring our talents, passion and hard work, every day, to make a positive impact

Our Story

Established in 2019, The Flexiwell Group is working to improve people's lives through better management of their claims journey. Our founders, Dale Ristovski and Vanessa Herrmann, through 25+ years of combined medico-legal and business experience, identified an opportunity to assist legal professionals, employers, human resource professionals, and insurers in the management of employees and claims relating to injury and illness of an individual.

Whilst there were existing service providers, Dale and Vanessa saw first-hand that many were often inadequate in understanding the customers needs. With their combined knowledge they crafted a range of unique services that consider balance of cost, psycho-social and real-world factors, at the same time as aligning to holistic practices and legislative requirements. Flexiwell incorporates all aspects of prevention, early recognition of issues, timely intervention, positive employee contribution and implementation of safety controls, that have been proven to reduce the overall costs of injury, productivity loss and litigation.

The Flexiwell Group connects subject matter experts in occupational health, workers compensation, human resources, industrial relations, employment law, leadership, business and medico-legal. This network forms the Flexiwell's Practitioner Community. Community members have been hand selected for their proven track records in assisting employers make informed decisions when managing their workforce.

Flexiwell facilitates pre-employment and fitness for duty assessments, return to work planning, leadership coaching, training and development, NDIS Assessments and advisory services in the management of individuals suffering from work and non-work related injury or illness.

​We recognise that one size does not fit all when assessing individuals. You can be assured that we will help you to create solutions that align to your needs.

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