Smiling Student in Lecture


Are you an Allied Health Specialist who is looking to diversify your experience and income?

Flexiwell Group partners with practitioners to deliver many services that we offer. This allows us to provide support far and wide and be very flexible about how we assist.

We are different! Our Practitioner Community are individuals and small businesses which share our values and work alongside with us, rather than for us. We don't subcontract, we work side by side to offer the best service that we can to our clients.


What do we offer you?

When you join our Practitioner Community you become our VIP. We take care of all administrative logistics of organizing the assessments, managing data collection and billing.

We provide templates and structure when matters, and we create new templates to suit your style. We never dictate how you asses or what assessment tools you use.

We are flexible! You call how much or how little you would like to do and we work with that. 

We help you grow. We will actively coach you to develop your skills in the areas of our expertise. So you can learn and experience new areas. 

What do you bring? 

A desire to work with a business that puts people first, values integrity, transparency and holds passion for what we do. 

Who may benefit from being in our Practitioner Community? 

Current Allied Health Students - We have flexible opportunities to assist with assessments across all our areas of expertise.

Occupational Therapists who are sole traders or managing own business- Diversify what you do, as much or as little as you like. Want to move in to Medico-Legal work? We can help!

Physio Therapists come and work with us in our Human Resources space assessing Functional Capacity and Fitness for Duty.

Interested? What to do next?

For more information, please contact Maria on [email protected] or 0430 468 774.