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Injury Prevention, Early Intervention and Return to Work

The Flexiwell Group connects SME to business consultants and services that specialise in people management including  the facilitation of Pre-employment and Fitness For Duty assessments, Return To Work programs, Leadership Coaching, Training and Development, and Advisory Services in the management of employees suffering from work and non-work related injury or illness.

The Flexiwell Group connects subject matter experts in occupational health, workers compensation, human resources, industrial relations, employment law, leadership, business and medico-legal. This network forms the Flexiwell's Practitioner Community. Community members have been hand selected for their proven track records in assisting employers to make informed decisions when managing their workforce.

With the onset of COVID19, many employers had to change the way they operate, in some cases shifting operations from designated office spaces to employees homes. Working from home has become a fast reality for many business. We put together some resources to help you manage your remote working employees here.

​We recognise that one size does not fit all when assessing individuals. You can be assured that we will help you to identify services that align to your needs.

For further information, call or email our Team today on 07 3532 5945 or [email protected].

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