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A better way to ensure safe work from home

COVID-19 or the Corona Virus has had an impact on how we work, much of Australia's computer-based workforce is now working from home. Employers however still remain responsible for their work environment, equipment and actions even though their remote workplace has never been sighted. We have developed a means to assess home offices by our Occupational Therapists from only $89.


Contact us today to find out more about our work from home COVID-19 and social distancing friendly virtual home ergonomics assessments and employee assistance program (EAP).


Your business and your people are unique, so we tailor our approach to suit your requirements.


We facilitate engagement of your people to embrace wellness, because this is how you achieve sustainable outcomes.


We work with you to resolve the most complex challenges you face in an ever changing environment.

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Cost savings are most easily achieved through prevention of injury. 

The sooner the better - providing the best treatment sooner achieves exceptional results.

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Providing sound advice which leads to better direction and outcomes.

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Early Intervention

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Changing the face of occupational health...

Founded in 2019, The Flexiwell Group is changing the face of Occupational Health Solutions. Offering an evidence based, customised approach for individuals and workplaces, ensuring unsurpassed targeted health, well-being, safety and self-management skills to facilitate achievement of maximal occupational participation and productivity for Australia’s workforce.

We assess the business and the individual’s health profile to provide complete wellness solutions. We facilitate businesses to be able to target their spending in risk reduction through statistical determination of the most efficient and effective means. For the individual the provision of skills in injury prevention and self-management, rather than ongoing reliance on health practitioners, is at the forefront of our methodologies.

When injury or illness does occur, accurate diagnosis and identification of causative factors allows for targeted, effective and efficient intervention. We consider psychosocial factors and tailor our services to achieve maximal occupational outcomes for all involved. We incorporate all aspects of prevention, early recognition of issues, timely intervention, positive employee contribution and hierarchical implementation of safety controls, that have been proven to reduce the overall costs of injury, productivity loss and litigation.


"Positive outcomes are achieved when good decision making can easily be attained through excellence in information collection, predictive modelling and a caring implementation."


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