Legal Professionals

From employment law to personal injury claims, Flexiwell Group has tailored services that will benefit you and your client. 


We help employers and human resource professionals to find clarity in managing employees who are impacted by injury or illness.


From total and permanent disability to workers compensation claims, we have a range of services that will assist you in the claim management.

We assist legal professionals, employers, human resource professionals, and insurers in the management of employees and claims relating to injury and illness of an individual.

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Between a "Rock and a Hard Place"

Five rules for thriving as a middle manager


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Jane, HR Manager

What was exceptional with the advisory service was the explanation of implications of various scenarios, it helped me get focused. That's invaluable. As the result of support received, we have avoided post-termination  complications and litigation.

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Dana, Business Owner

Coaching has helped me to build my business concept and plan from the ground up. Flexiwell has met me where I was at, with my current level of experience and understanding. Coaching has helped me to maintain a balance with ideas and action - how to prioritise and sequence practical steps, while helping me keep my creative process moving.


Stuart, Solicitor

FCELite allows us to determine the prospects of our client being successful in proving a claim without having to pay for a full OT review. It assists us in maximising damages for our clients and decision on obtaining further evidence.


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